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[Sorry for the long post] So I've looked around this sub and I see a lot of high level or theoretical Algo discussions which I can appreciate but I'm kind of lost when it comes to practical applications and I don't even know if any service even exists that can meet my needs.
Currently, I have a strategy that I think is a little profitable with 1 minute data intraday swing trading on USDJPY, it's very simple and written in Pinescript. I plug the pinescript into a 1 min chart on Tradingview and it spits out alerts for my trades. The alerts are picked up by a chrome addon called Autoview which sends the orders to 1broker using a special alert API. I hate it for many reasons: - Chrome with tradingview and Autoview must be running and checked frequently for glitches (sometimes alerts stop firing randomly) - Tradingview alerts are not meant to be used as orders so I lose any semblance of order management. Basically it fires alerts/orders for every entry point regardless of my current balance or positions. - Pinescript sucks. - 1broker uses bitcoins as currency, I like bitcoins but don't fully trust putting thousands of dollars into them when it could be rendered obsolete at any time without warning.
So the reason I use it is because it meets all my needs. I'm just starting out and I have a fairly large income via my job (US) but it would take me at more than a year to save up 25k for a legit daytrading account. So I need to find a broker + automation combo with the following: - hedging within the same fund (is this not allowed in the US?) - can make unlimited day trades without needing $25,000 USD, low minimum account size - low or no fees - supports 24/5 forex or E-mini trading (options not required) - API for automation with somewhat low coding requirements. I am familiar with python but by no means am I an expert. I like looking at tradingview charts and backtest instantaneously via graphical interface but I realize this is probably not very common.
I've spent a lot of time on both Quantopian and Quantconnect but neither of them can do intraday trading very well if at all. They are primarily focused on fundamental trading and I'm more into technical trading. I tried looking into Ninjatrader, metatrader, whatever but I found them very expensive, unnecessarily complicated, and beholden to the US's stupid trading laws.
TL;DR - Can anyone tell me exactly how to implement my simple automated intraday FX strategy using a simple interface that doesn't require me to have a $25,000 US brokerage account and software that costs 1000's of dollars?
P.S. If any other beginners are in the same situation as me you should look into + TradingView + Autoview, it's pretty sweet given the limitations it's working with.
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